Bonnie Prince Charlie

Bonnie Prince Charlie

More than two centuries ago, amid the Jacobite uprising, Bonnie Prince Charlie requisitioned Culloden House as his lodging and battlefield headquarters.

He lived here, on and off, including the two nights prior to the battle.

Charles was hoping to win back the throne for his father, the son of the last Stuart king.  He was opposed by his cousin, the Duke of Cumberland, who was fighting to keep the throne for his father, George II.

Both were 25 years old.

The Battle
Charles was out-gunned and outnumbered. He escaped but the Scots way of life was henceforth altered. It was the end of an era and never again was a pitched battle fought on British soil.

The Diaspora
Culloden is a site which changed more than the history of Scotland. It has been estimated that there are some 20 million people of Scots descent living in other countries as a result of the huge diaspora as the aftermath of this one battle.

The battle site became a place of pilgrimage for millions of Scots, both in Scotland as well as those scattered abroad. The most recognizable feature, a 20 foot memorial cairn built in honor of the fallen by Duncan Forbes, 8th Laird of Culloden, became a focal point for battlefield visitors.

Today the 180 acre moor is held in perpetuity for the nation by the National Trust of Scotland.

The Present
Culloden House therefore stands out a symbol, both of Scotland's past, and her present.  Its name and situation are redolent of a turbulent and romantic history, its present that of a welcoming Scotland, welcoming to her sons and daughters making the pilgrimage back home, providing the finest of accommodation within a superbly historic setting.

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